Who Are We?

JainGlory Foundation

120, Shree Ji Vihar, New Vidhya Nagar, Hiran Magri, Sector 4, Udaipur, Rajasthan, India- 313002
We are real brothers and feel a deep attachment with Jainism, its heritage, its glorious past, its antiquity, its unique teachings and contribution to science, history, geography, maths, art, literature and culture. 
Manish is a co-founder of a private software company while Hemant is a telecom engineer in a Public sector Undertaking Telecom company.
1. Editing Google Maps to include heritages/temples- More than 2000 edits have done so far.
2. Editing Wikipedia and other sites over internet (if have some wrong information).
3. Trying to execute plans for "Save Heritage" cause- starting from self first.
4. Motivating Jains to follow the unique religion. 
5. Sharing Jainism teachings to Non-Jains and motivating them to live a peaceful, religious life near to Jainism.
6. Traveled to Jain heritage places and collected metadata, photos and other information.
7. Research is continued since 2002- for knowing more and more about anything related to Jain, Jainism.
8. Trying to pressurize ASI, Govt and other responsible people/organization for caring, handling and rituals in Jain temples under their possession.
9. Promoting Veg, Animal Welfare and Use of Non-Leather items.
10. Sharing news and providing consultancy on Jain, Jainism and any related topic to people via internet.
Hemant Jain +91-9468580262 jaingloryfoundation@gmail.com 
Manish Jain +91-9461872124 jaingloryfoundation@gmail.com