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Ashoka pillar

All of us are very familiar with this emblem.This is Asoka Pillar of Sarnath which is national emblem of India.Very few people know about the fact that Earlier faith of Asoka was Jainism and may be till his death.It is a point of debate because Indian history was written by most of foreign scholars.Now I want to describe how this pillar show it's relation with Jainism.In this pillar four lions are seated back to back in four direction.We all are very familiar that Lion is lanchan or Symbol of Lord mahaveer.It shows that It is Spiritual empire of Lord mahaveera.Now at the bottom of this pillar we can clearly see the Dharma chakra.It depicts jain religion and it is emblem of that it has 24 spokes which tell us about 24 Ford makers saviors or Teerthankaras.This wheel is extensively found on Jain pantheons and sculptures too.Next there are bull sign which is nothing but Symbol of Lord rishabha.It shows that Jainism was instituted in this Time cycle by Lord rishabha(The first ford maker.).Now next symbol of at the bottom is An elephant and it is symbol of Lord Ajitnatha the second ford maker of Jainism.Again in the series we found symbol of Sambhav natha which is A horse,so this pillar is showing the series of Jaina Fordmakers and finally the fourth symbol is Lion which is Symbol of Lord mahaveer.This pillar is symbol of Jain teerthankaras propagated this religion with time to time.Earlier Indian history was very bias towards true facts.In maurayan time jainism was national religion because Chandragupta maurya was also follower of Jainism and died as Jaina Ascetics in Shravanbelagola.Bindusaar and grand son Asoka was also belong to Jainsim because it was their ancestor's religion.Indian history was always deceived by unproved and foreign facts.To assume Asoka a Buddhist is only on evidence of Buddhist scriptures found in Ceylon would be very ex aggregated event.Asoka never mentioned Buddhism as national religion in his epigraphs or inscriptions.

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Manish Jain
Aug 17, 2014, 6:50:12 PM
Well written