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"Danachintamani" Attimabbe

Jainism had been enjoying royal patronage in Karnataka state during medieval centuries by Rashtrakutas, Early chalukyas of Badami,Feudatories Gangas monarchs and Chalukyas of Kalyani. Some monarchs of different dynasties were adherent to Jainism and devout to Jina’s feet.

Some of the greatest monuments of this era are dedicated to Jainism and some of them are lost and dilapidated. Jainism in Karnataka is indebted to some Jaina generals, Monarchs, Ministers and Businessmen to nourish Jaina culture by endowment made to construct the greatest monuments .One more fact is worthy to mention here that Such endowments were not only done by Male devotees but also by female devotees. Many Adherent Female Jain devotees are renowned in history of Karnataka.

Jakkiyabbe, Attimabbe, Queen Abbaka and Queen Chaina Bhaira devi are famous personalities of this category who are not only celebrated for their devotion to Jainism but also for their gallantry and political influence.

Western Chalukya Empire is witness of Jaina Ascendancy and strength due to noble support and patronage of rulers. Lakkundi Brahma Jinalaya has an inscription containing records of two martial, Jaina Families, Their contribution to raise the power of Chalukya Empire and Jaina cultural ascendancy. It has also records about one of the most renowned and esteemed Jaina personality of medieval Karnataka. The record of Lakkundi Brhama Jinalaya was discovered by Dr. T.N. Srikanth in 1945. There is one inscription lying in the complex of Brahma Jinalaya hailed from 1007 AD. This original record is effaced and fragmented in pieces and another record which is inscribed after some centuries of original one has additional information of fatalities and destruction to the Brahma Jinalaya. This bilingual inscription was composed in 88 Stanzas of Kannada and Sanskrit Language. The later inscription was composed by Bahubali son of Shripala. Bahubali was a proficient composer of Kannada and Sanskrit who caused to be renovated the Brahma Jinalaya in 12 century AD. Earlier inscription was perhaps composed by poet Ranna; composer of Ajitnatha Purana who enjoyed court poet designation in Chalukya court of Tailap II.and Irivabedanga satyasray.

Attimabbe: - Attimabbe was born in 950 AD to Feudatory Mallapa of chalukya king Tailap II. Mallapa was a devout adherent to Jainism and he was an impressive personality in imperial court of Tailap II. Attimabbe’s Father Mallapa belonged to “Vajiivamsa “of Kondniya gotra and known as Dandnayaka title bestowed by Tailap II. Attimabbe was married to Nagadeva in 965 AD. Nagadeva’s Father was Dhallapa ; Chief ministerand general in chalukyan court. Dhallapa is also mentioned in Lakkundi inscription as a brave, highly learned, intelligent, proficient and valiant in war. It also credits to triumph over Vengi, Malwa, Konkan and Tigules. Nagadeva was elder son of Dhallapa and had same qualities as father had. He was also devout to Jainism and considered a bright star of “Vajjivamsa”. Victory of Gujarat and Vengi is credited to Nagadeva as described in lakkundi Inscription. Lakkundi inscription describes Attimabbe as wife of Nagadeva, daughter of Mallapa and Daughter in law of Dhallpa. Attimabbe was mother of Paduvala Tailap or Anniga. Her noteworthy achievements are mentioned below.

1.) She caused the construction of 1500 Jain Shrines in her life and in addition one more at Lakkundi celebrated as Brahma Jinalaya.2.) She caused 1500 Jina images to be made and gifted them along with Gold bells and lamp of daily worship of Lord Jina.3.) She caused 1000 copies of Shantipurana to be made on palm leaves and distributed them to Jina preachers and scholars as “Shastra Daan”.

Her husband Nagadeva was killed in battlefield showing great valor when Attimabbe was only 34 years old in 984 AD. King Tailap II himself came to Attimabbe to express his condolence on death of Nagadeva .She led a pious life after husband’s death following Jaina creed. She was devout to Jainism and attributed many marvels and miracles to her in Lakkundi Inscription. She is compared to many famous personalities like Rukmini, Satyabhama,Chelini, Rohini, Prabhawati , Sulochna , Marudevi, Sushaine, Sivadevi, lakshmana and Vijayasena. In above mentioned names; five names are of Jina savior’s Mother. She was contemporary to Ganga general and chief minister Chavundraya. She is also honored by Poet Ranna as “DanaChintamani” means “Jewel among donors”. BrahmaShiva in Samayparikshe adores Attimabbe attributing many epitaphs like “gunadakhani”,”Vimala Charitre”, “Jain sasna rakshmani”, “Sajjanaka Chudamani”, “Akalanka Charite” and “Sarvakalavidhi”

About 22 lithic records in Karnataka refer to high esteemed woman of nobility who have been compared to Attimabbe for their acts of charity and chastity. Moreover, an award on the name of Attimabbe was given to a female candidate every year by Karnataka government every year. Year 1994 was also celebrated as the year of Attimabbe.

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