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History of Shantinath Basdi, Bandalike

This Temple is renowned Jain temple of karnataka named as Shantinatha basdi of Bandalike village situated in shikaripur taluka of Shimoga district. This place is about 38 kms from Shikaripur in north direction.In ancient time this bandalike was known as bandhavpura as described in an epigraph found from this place.Once this place was a major Jain center and pilgrimage. This Shantinatha basdi was built by Jakkiyabbe a pious Jain queen of Nagarkhand region in 918 AD. She was wife of Famous ruler Nagarjuna nadagonda.This shantinatha Basdi was rebuilt by a merchant Boppa setti in 1200 to 1203 AD. this fact is well attested by inscriptions found on this place.This place had been under sovereignty of Rashtrakutas, chalukyas, hoysalas, seunas and vijaynagar empire.Shantinatha basdi has a mukha mandapa which consists of 32 pillars, an antarala and mahamandapa consists of 4 pillars.Main deity of Shantinatha is absent in this temple but a mutilated Jina sculpture was found at this place. Two hero stones were erected on both side of entrance of temple. In elevation, the temple has an austere adhishthana with an upana,pada, adhokumuda, moulding with dentil decorations

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