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Jain Temples of Galiyakot

Southern Rajasthan has been also a center of Jainism since ancient time. Although the most area of this lies in Tribal region but has some great monuments related to Jainism. Dhuleva or Rishabdeo, Sagwara, Dungarpur, Baroda, Naugama, Galiyakot has been center of Jain activities in medieval history period. The Southern Region of Rajasthan is called vagad or vagar Pradesh of Rajasthan. The most of Jain activities in the region was concentrated on these places rendered some great ancient Jaina pantheons and sculptures. This region was under sovereignty of Mewar monarchs, Maharawal of Dungarpur, Solankis of Gujarat and Muslim invaders too.

Galiyakot: - This place is situated in vicinity of Dam Mahi Bajaj Sagar which is one of the largest dams of Rajasthan province.Galiyakot is situated about 150 kms from Udaipur in southward direction and 20 kms from Sagwara.Galiyakot was once a capital of vagad province and renowned as Kot- Nagar or Kirti Durga. This place has some great Jain shrines constructed during 15-16 century AD of Digambar and Shwetamber sect. The Juna Dehra and Naya Mandir of digamber sect are quite famous. In this temple a record was found regarding Bhattarak Gunakirti and layman Soma doshi. The activities of Acharya of Lat Bagad branch in this region was corroborated by literary resources and paleographical records. There is an inscription of 1568 AD which attests that the temple was constructed by Mehta Shantidas under guidance of Sumati kirti. One another Inscription of 1580 AD from Vasupujya temple has record that the temple was constructed by Biram Nagda’s son Kika during reign of Maharawal Sahasmal under guidance of Bhattaraka Sumati kirti. Some Digambar Jain Inscriptions of 11th June 1642, 9th July 1653 and 1716 AD were discovered from this place. Shwetambar Jain Sambhavnath temple was constructed by Sanga humbad and his sons Devraj Singhraj and others under guidance of Devratna suri of Brihad Tapa Gaccha in 1580 AD.