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Lord Rishabh image unearthed from Gunjoti

A beautiful, ancient Image of Lord Rishabdeo (Adinatha) from Jain Temple of Gunjoti Suburb, Omerga/Umarga Town, Dist - Osmanabad, Maharashtra.

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The temple is actually 3 or 4 Kms only from Omerga on Gunjoti road. There is a board on that way ("Chandraprabh Jain Temple")The temple is actually new and dedicated to Lord Chandraprah, but the above image of Lord Rishabhdeo is found from a field nearby the temple here. And later, the image is placed in the temple. The image is said almost 900 years old.

Due to this image, the temple is counted in important places these days. A priest who has keys - lives in front building of the temple and a couple of Jain families live behind side of this temple premise, too.Next time, when you pass Omerga town, please must visit the temple for darshan of such a beautiful image of Lord Adinatha.

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