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Ancient Jain Heritage site "karitalai"


This place is named Karitalai situated at 46 kms from Katni station in north east direction. In north direction of village karitalai ; there are relics of jain as well as hindu temples.Lintels, stone sculptures, crafts and other damaged artifacts were unearthed here. In ancient time, this place was great center of Jainism and hinduism. There were more than one temples related to jainism and hinduism.Kalchuri's emperors contributed to Jainism in great extent by bulding such grand pantheons.Grand numbers of Jain teerthankaras and yaksh- yakshini sculptures were unearthed here and now a days these are preserved in Raipur and Jabalpur govt. museums. About 33 sculptures unerathed from this place were preserved at Raipur govt. museum. Most of lintels, artifacts and craft material are being used by villagers in their house decoration. Ancient archaeological grandeur is not preserved and scattered at nearby places.

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