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Ancient Jain pilgrimage of Bundelkhand "Madanpur"

Madanpur village is situated in southern part of the Lalitpur district of Uttarpradesh state. As it is a renowned fact that Lalitpur district is not only enriched with ancient archaeological reminiscent but also for Jain pilgrimage consecrated by various monarchs and merchants. Madanpur district is situated about 83 kms from district head quarter via Mahrauni in south east direction. It is situated about 19 kms from Madawara and 54 kms from Sagar. The place is situated on the ancient road which connects Sagar to Lalitpur.

Madanpur village is settled in between beautiful mountains and near Jamni reservoir. The village consists of some marvelous Jaina pantheons of medieval period of Indian history. There are one temple is situated in the village and two of them being ancient situated on hill at verge of the village. The small shrine group situated on hillock is called “Shantigiri”. The group of temples is easily accessible via road. The temple situated on top of hillock is not easily accessible because of non availability of road.The temple group Shantigiri is well preserved by Jain community of Tikamgarh. The temple group has a main pantheon which consist a tall kayotsarga posture sculpture of 16th savior Shantinatha. Two sculptures of Savior Arahnath’s are inscribed in two shrines of Shantigiri group of temples. One of them is traced back to 1053 AD according to scholar Darbari lal kothia. The second image of Arahnatha is hailed from 1147 AD.There are several mutilated sculptures of Jinas and remnants of ancient Jaina pantheons were scattered in this region. Some sculptures are kept in premises of Shantigiri temples group. There is also a board installed by Archaeological survey of India as protected monuments. One inscription from this place was found which belongs to samvat 1206 or 1149 AD has record the name of this village as “Madanpura”.

One more interesting epigraph was found in an open six pillared hall which also known as “Baradari”. The inscription is engraved on one of these square shaped pillar has records of PrithviRaj Chauhan of Cahuhan dynasty. The inscription is divided into two parts and both of them have 4 lines in each. The inscription has supreme importance as this is evidence of triumph of PrithviRaj over king Parmardi in samvat 1239 or 1182 AD. This Prithviraj chauhan is identified as grandson of Arna raja and son of Someswar. The triumph year of Prithiviraj over king Parmardi is described as 1184 or smavat 1241 according to “Prithvirajraso”.The village temple is situated about 1-2 kms from Shantigiri and consists some great metal images of Jina saviors. Madanpur is also famous seat of great Warriors Alha and Udal.

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