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Oldest Saraswati sculpture of any sect

Goddess Saraswati’s worship has been prevalent since ancient time in Indian culture.The question arises here when goddess saraswati’s worship was started. Godess saraswati has significant role in Jainism, Buddhism and Hinduism too. Jains usually worship deva, shastra and guru. All the Jaina canons were considered pious in Jainism as it is speech of Teerthankara and thus all canons written are called Agam. Saraswati is better known as Sruta devi in Jainism as it is a form of “Speech of Teerthankara”.This is the oldest Saraswati sculpture excavated from Mathura Kankali mound. Scholars successfully identified this sculpture as Jain saraswati as it is excavated from a Jain site. This sculpture is headless with bent knees sitting posture. Left hand contains a book which is waist leveled. Right hand is palm less but remnant mala is clearly visible in this hand. Saraswati is seated on a rectangular base which contains information to be carved in year 132 AD. Scholars are agreed to assign it Kushan era sculpture. This is the earliest depiction of saraswati in Jaina as well as hindu tradition. It seems that literary work had begun for Jains in Kushan era that's why Saraswati sculputured and worshiped.

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