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Bas Relief sculptures of Uthampalayam

Uthamapalayam, Tamilnadu - A Great and Historical Jain Place

Uthamapalayam is renowned for base relief sculptures carved on a hillock called Karuppannasamy kundra. This place is about 120 Kilometers far from Madurai in south west direction. This place lies in the vicinity of Theni district. This hillock has 19 beautifully carved Jain Teerthankara images in Kayotsarga and Padmasana posture. This marvelous panel is protected by a mandpam built by Archaeological survey of India. These images related to 9th century AD. There are several inscriptions found in Tamil and Vattezutu script above and below the sculptures which mention the Authorship to Ajjanandi and Arishtanemi periyar. Arishtanemi Periyar was Pupil of Ashtopavasigal. These Sculptures has also traces of paintings but these are obliterated.

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